Drunk Sean Young vs Julian Schnabel

Blade Runner star Sean Young got hammered and was dragged out of the Directors Guild of America Awards by security on Saturday, according to website Defamer.

The website’s eyewitness reports that a drunken Young repeatedly yelled at the director to “get on with it” as the director of The Diving Bell and the Butterfly tried to make his speech.

Earliier, Young had screamed at La Vie En Rose actress Marion Cotillard in French, periodical started singing and started shouting incomprehensibly at a Michael Clayton video montage.

"Have another drink, honey," said Schnabel, who continued his speech only for Young start strutting around the ballroom of the Los Angeles' Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in a massive white fur coat. Superb effort.

The 48-year-old the former star of Stripes and Ace Ventura can be next in a Western The Man Who Came Back, starring our friend Billy Zane. Gotta love her.