Dredge game length and how long to beat explained

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The average Dredge game length will vary depending on how much of the game you want to do. The question of how long to beat Dredge will depend on your approach towards completion, as well as how well you adjust to the difficulty - there's a lot of threats in Dredge that can suddenly strike, and progress is rarely a straight line. There's also options to just fish and make money, which will extend it further - but we'll cover all those below. If you want to know how long is Dredge, and how the game's length will change depending on what you do, we'll cover all the answers below.

How long is Dredge? Game Length and how long to beat explained

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Dredge's length will vary depending on your approach, as mentioned, so having played it ourselves, we've broken it down accordingly:

  • Critical Path/Just Story: 10-12 Hours
  • Standard playthrough (story plus some sidequests): 13-16 hours
  • 100% Completionist playthrough: 17-22 hours

Part of what makes evaluating Dredge's length difficult is that some elements of it are a little luck-based - whether monsters attack, or if you run into a useful item by accident, etc - while others are about how you approach its difficulty, how much you get set back, and how much you feel you need to prepare before venturing out into the more dangerous waters. Some players will feel the need to fish and dredge materials for the maximum amount of upgrades before committing to any challenge, while others will try to survive without them - and may even be successful!

Not only that, but Dredge has a lot of sidequests, also known as Pursuits, and some other jobs you can do while you're out on the water. Some pursuits are mandatory to continue, but others are totally optional, with money and upgrades as rewards. These will take you all over the map and will add a lot to your playtime. Most players will do at least a few optional pursuits in their own playthroughs, as the rewards will help provide safety for the core path.

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