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DreamWorks Animations The Croods gets a trailer: watch now

The Croods , the caveman CG-animation from DreamWorks has revealed a new trailer online (via iTunes Movie Trailers ).

Set to hit cinemas next year, the Flintstones -esque fable documents the lives of a cave-family who never wander far from their abode under the stern of advice of their patriarch, Grug (Nicolas Cage, working the laidback surfer-dude vibe).

When ‘free-spirited’ daughter Eep (Emma Stone), sets off on her own little adventure, the Croods discover that there’s a world beyond their musty hovel.

Taking place circa… honestly, we’ve got know idea when this is set. It seems to be taking a leaf out of the Ice Age history books (and don’t expect to find the beasts they encounter in any encyclopedia).

Watch the first trailer for The Croods below now:

The first poster for The Croods has also been unveiled:

The Croods opens in the UK on 22 March 2013.