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DreamsCom 2021 is showcasing the best Dreams creations in July

(Image credit: Media Molecule)

Media Molecule has announced the return of DreamsCom for 2021, giving top Dreams creators a chance to showcase their work and perhaps inspiring attendees in their own design endeavors.

In case you missed the first event, DreamsCom is a virtual event where players can submit their creations for display at individual booths throughout Dreams' virtual halls. There's even a booth template you can easily download as a foundation for your exhibit.

This year's DreamsCom sounds pretty similar to last year's, but Media Molecule promises it'll be an even bigger event this time around. "We're thrilled to be doing this again, and we're determined to make this year's show even better than the last. You can expect even more to play, watch, read, create and get involved in."

DreamsCom 2021 kicks off with a live stream on Tuesday, July 27 at 9am PST / 5pm BST via Media Molecule's Twitch (opens in new tab) channel. There you can catch a pre-show of sorts that gives an advance look at what to expect from the main event.

Following the live stream on Wednesday, July 28, the in-game show floor opens to all players, where you can wander around and get a first-hand look at the exhibits you might've seen previewed during the stream. Also starting July 28 and running until July 30, Media Molecule will be playing through a select few DreamsCom exhibits and chatting with the designers about their inspirations, which should help you decide what to look at if you're strapped for time.

You can get the official creator booth template straight from Media Molecule (opens in new tab) right now, and you can also find it in-game by entering 'DreamsCom 21 Booth Template' into the search bar. Once you're happy with your creation, you can submit it via the official tool here (opens in new tab) - just be sure to do so before Friday, June 18, as that's the cutoff date.

Here are GamesRadar's picks for the best Dreams levels available now, which of course includes the Seinfeld horror game (yes, really).

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