Someone made a Seinfeld horror game in Dreams, and it's amazing(ly weird)

There's a Seinfeld horror game in Dreams on PS4, and you can go ahead and file this under things eerily similar to a nightmare I had in sixth grade.

In 'Sinfeld Chronicles' by mrironmonkey (thanks, Dominick Nero), you play as Seinfeld's nephew Donathan, whose voice can be heard as an internal monologue as you search for your uncle across different areas. You'll explore an impressively accurate recreation of Jerry Seinfeld's famous New York City apartment, as well as Cosmo Kramer's neighboring apartment and some of the surrounding exterior.

There are easter eggs referencing the 90s sitcom scattered everywhere, like the bright red light from a Kenny Rogers Roasters chicken restaurant beaming into Kramer's apartment, used here to impose a foreboding atmosphere into the scene. Walking into Kramer's bedroom, you'll come face to face with a terrifying doll basking in the blood-red glow, which will kill you if you come too close. Remember, this is a Seinfeld horror game.

The developer behind the project is actually working on an entire "New York themed video game," where the Seinfeld portions seen here will eventually be joined by scenes from Moonstruck, Ghostbusters, and other New York-based TV shows and movies. You can follow the game's development over at RareBirdInteractive on YouTube.

The scary Seinfeld game is one more project in a long list of Dreams creations that prove the software's ability to channel creativity into fascinating, and in this case slightly disturbing, creations for the world to indulge in. Other examples include Stardew Valley in Dreams and Ghost of Tsushima in Dreams.

We expect this list to continue expanding, but here are the best Dreams levels you can play right now, from a Fallout game to a PT recreation.

Jordan Gerblick

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