Someone remade Stardew Valley in Dreams and Pelican Town looks stunning

(Image credit: Tooshi)

Media Molecule’s Dreams has given us no shortage of awesome creator content so far, and just days after its full launch, we’re now treated to one fan’s gorgeous recreation of Stardew Valley. A streamer by the username of Tooshi shared their trailer for a total remake of Pelican Town, the setting for the beloved farming simulator. 

The trailer takes us through the town, alternating between street level and a sweeping overhead view to soak in the many scenes. Pelican Town wouldn’t be complete without some of its most popular landmarks, and Tooshi has spared no expense in recreating places like The Stardrop Saloon, Jojamart, and the humble abodes of every single townie from the original game. To fully set the scene, the trailer even uses music from the game and shows Pelican Town’s busy NPCs living their lives.

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You can download Tooshi’s beautiful work for yourself if you want to play it in Dreams. It’s not the first time we’ve been floored by user-generated content in Dreams. It wasn’t long ago when we saw someone make a lifelike breakfast platter in Media Molecule’s ambitious creation station. Then there was the time somebody de-made Cyberpunk 2077 in the vein of a PS1 RPG. Heck, it wasn’t long after the game hit early access on PS4 that we got our first look at someone’s take on Spider-Ham, Marvel’s piglet superhero. 

Now that more players are jumping into Dreams since it launched in full earlier this month, we can safely expect many more projects like these to float to the top of the dreamscape. We’re eager to see what else these dedicated creators can muster.

For now, Dreams is only on PS4, but Media Molecule hopes its creation suite has life beyond the one console.

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