We don't know when Ghost of Tsushima is coming out so people are playing it in Dreams

Some fans are so hungry to play Sucker Punch's Ghost of Tsushima that they've resorted to recreating the samurai adventure in Dreams. 

Dreams creator thrjoker594 released three Ghosts of Tsushima-inspired sequences last summer, and as a recent tweet from JRPyznar shows, people have latched onto those sequences once again. This is likely due to the double-whammy of Dreams' final launch and the ongoing scarcity of Ghost of Tsushima information. 

With few details to go on, outside of a summer 2020 release window, the best that eager samurai fans can do is revel in the few gameplay snippets we've seen, and replaying them in Dreams is even better. 

Youtube user Beyond Dreams compiled thrjoker594's creations in this short compilation. The first sequence is a 4v1 standoff between our protagonist and four nameless soldiers. As Twitter user MarcoAnFelo pointed out in a side-by-side comparison, this sequence is remarkably faithful to the game's original trailer. 

The other two sequences tap into Ghosts of Tsushima's stealth and scenery, respectively. One shows our hero stabbing up some Mongol invaders (I think) after descending from the rafters, and the other depicts a tranquil field and forest. It's easy to forget that this was all made (or perhaps remade) in Dreams by one dogged creator, and even after nearly a year, these creations still look incredible. 

These are the best Dreams levels you can play right now.  

Austin Wood

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