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Draculas favorite video game console

Whether you're a huge Castlevania fanboy or just into vampires, this Castlevania-themed Super Famicom will satisfy your bloodlust. This concoction was crafted and assembled by Vadu Amka, who happens to do this on a regular basis with classic consoles.

The console itself lives in a tombstone base that is made to look worn and cracked. The area around the cartridge slot is accompanied by some twigs and a miniature coffin, which is chained shut to the top left corner of the console. The cartridge slot is masked by an image of the moon with a silhouette of Dracula’s castle eclipsing it. The level of custom detail put into this beast would make Simon Belmont spin in his grave.

The Eject button has a whip grafted on top of it that trails upward, hugging the outline of the moon castle silhouette. Too bad it doesn’t make a wh-kssh sound when you press it.The area that usually sports the console name is covered in a lumber base and branded with the original Castlevania logo.

Now on to the bread-and-butter: the coffin controller. It's housed in a wood-like shell, complete with claw marks and blood from dracula’s rage quit fits. The D-Pad and face look steampunk inspired and plated in gold (not silver, since that would put Dracula and his werewolf buddies in immense pain each time they press anything.).

Pretty sweet SNES, right? Too bad its just for show, not sale. Wh-kssh!

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