Dr Horrible Sing-Along-Again

Nathan Fillion has told MTV.com that the sequel to Joss Whedon’s Emmy and Hugo Award-winning web-musical, Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, now has a title and that a few of the songs have been written. "I was talking to [Joss] right before we won the Emmy," says Fillion. "He said that he's finished writing a song or two. He told me a couple of verses to the song."

Tantalisingly he adds, “The media for the sequel has not yet been decided.”

What, so it may not debut on the web? Intriguing. Could it have a TV premier? Or maybe even a stage premier? On the other hand, the way things are going at the moment, it's could even be an iPhone exclusive or sommat.

Meanwhile, don’t forget that the Dr Horrible one-shot prequel comic, written by Zack Whedon, is published on 18 November. There‘s a review in SFX 190, but here’s a little extract from what we had to say:

“Sometimes it’s okay to milk a franchise if the cash cow is still producing creamy goodness. And while there’s a semi-skimmed whiff to this Dr Horrible origin comic, it's still tasty enough to satisfy fans until any sequel to Joss Whedon’s web-phenomenon starts lactating… It’s all very slight, and barely seems to fill its 40 pages, but there are some great sequences, and the kind of wit you'd expect from the Whedon clan. Even the first few frames are a clever use of the comic format to produce a visual gag. With a script from Zack all the characters feel suitably authentic and the colourful, cartoony art captures the feel of the original perfectly (and most of the likenesses).”

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