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Don't miss out on War Of The Worlds

The Concert Live CD version of War Of The Worlds

This summer sees the beginning of the 30th Anniversary arena tour of Jeff Wayne's Musical Version Of The War Of The Worlds. Kicking off at Dublin Point on 7 June and stopping at venues all over the UK before finishing off in Amsterdam Music Hall on 2 July, the show promises a fantastic evening's entertainment, with attractions including a 3D, 11-foot high cutting-edge hologram of Richard Burton as George Herbert, The Journalist, and an amazing three-tonne, 35-foot high Martian Fighting Machine which fires heat rays at the audience and scans them with its bug-like eyes!

You can find out more about the tour itself at , but there's one more feature that makes the tour very special. Concert Live, a company that specialises in instant CDs, will be recording at 14 of the 20 venues on the tour so attendees can choose to buy CD featuring the performance they've just seen once the show is over. The three-disc set will also include a selection of photographs from the show and bespoke packaging. And the really good news is that you don't have to go to the shows to get the CD set - if you miss out on being able to go to the concert for yourself, the CDs are available for £20 each from Concert Live's online store!

We're currently running a competition to win a complete set of the Concert Live CDs - details here - but you can pre-order a CD from the Concert Live site now by clicking here . Jeff Wayne fans may also like to know that we've spoken to the man himself in the current issue of SFX and asked him who his heroes and inspirations are, so if you don't have it already, get down to your newsagents now!