Don Johnson talks Dakota Johnson in Fifty Shades of Grey

As the female lead in the forthcoming mega-novel adaptation Fifty Shades of Grey , there's a whole host of expectation heaped on Dakota Johnson.

But there's one famous actor who's definitely got her back - her father, Don Johnson.

We recently spoke to the legendary actor about his forthcoming role in gritty noir thriller Cold in July , and he only had words of encouragement and praise for his daughter as she takes on her biggest role yet.

"I'm exceedingly proud of my daughter. She's a gifted, gifted actress. I don't speak about the obviously salacious nonsense. This is the family business – we all take on challenges and there’s no doubt in my mind that Dakota will be a major movie star. This is just another part of what I think will be a long and important career," he raved.

And as for whether Don's had a peek at the saucy script? He's keeping pretty schtum...

"I haven’t read it, and secondly, that gets into a character that it’s obviously inappropriate for me to talk about. *laughs*"

Cold in July hits UK cinemas 27 June 2014.

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