Does Lost Planet Wars exist?

Christian Svensson, Capcom's senior director of strategic planning and research, has said that part of the Lost Planet team is working on something secret, but it is Lost Planet-related.

Back in February we reported on a rumor that popped up about a game in development called Lost Planet Wars from Capcom.

Word has it that Lost Planet Wars was a sequel to the chill-shooter released on 360 last year.

Coming from a recent Capcom Gamers' Day, Svensson revealed that Capcom has BIG plans for the future of the game: "The Lost Planet team is sort of split into a couple of different parts: One is working on new content and features for download. Another is working on the PC product," he told Team Xbox. "And then there's another part of the team that's working on something that I can't talk about...but it's still Lost Planet-related."

Can't talk about? But it is Lost Planet-related. Sounds like a spin-off or sequel to us. Or both...

April 17, 2007