Doctor Strange director wants Fantastic Four in the MCU, but which team would you add?

If the director of Doctor Strange could reach into the mire of licensing deals and extract just one character for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he wouldn't do it. He'd pick Four. Scott Derrickson told Screen Rant that it's high time the Fantastic Four found proper cinematic footing among their many comic book comrades.

"My answer is this: I still have hope that Fantastic Four can be properly brought into the MCU because a lot of Doctor Strange – that’s the comment I read the most during that," Derrickson explained. "I love those characters and I think that they still deserve another shot at finding a true home in the MCU. I still have hope for that. That’s my honest answer.”

The Fantastic Four were the first comic book collaboration of Marvel masterminds Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, and they've been a cornerstone of the comics universe ever since. Their cinematic career has been less Fantastic, even if you don't count the ultra-low-budget canceled 1994 film. The 2005 Fantastic Four film and its 2007 sequel, Rise of the Silver Surfer, are harmless at best. We don't talk about the Fantastic Four movie that came out in 2015.

Even if you don't care about the endless team-up possibilities, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has a generally high bar for quality. It would be nice to see a Fantastic Four movie that doesn't suck sometime before the sun explodes, bathing us all in cosmic radiation that gives us superpowers for a brief few moments before we're vaporized. But then again, there are plenty of other superhero groups that - licensing or other concerns aside - could use an introduction to the MCU proper as well…

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