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The Division's new Incursion is now live... aaand someone's finished it

The Division (opens in new tab)'s first raid-like Incursion, Falcon Lost, is now live and someone's already finished it.

The special mission was meant to be super hard, and I'm sure it is for most people, but that hasn't apparently stopped aN_Crime (opens in new tab) posting images of what appear to be the final screen and the loot rewards for completing it:

There's plenty of people streaming it right now, and while I've not seen it played through to completion yet, this is one of the potted reviews from someone who has:

"15 waves in a big room. A 'vehicle' that doesn't seem to move fires at you. You turn off two turrets and plant a bomb... Between each wave I think. Its like that tank thing in Destiny but 100x less cool and looks tougher with better rewards than Destiny (as that one was a miniboss really)."

Current consensus seems to be that it takes about an hour to get though and 'Hard' is indeed hard. There's some confusion about being locked out after completion however, with those who've completed it on hard saying their blocked from trying the 'Challenging' version for a week.

Here's a couple more shots of rewards (opens in new tab):

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