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The Division goes deep underground in first Falcon Lost Incursion screens

Deep within the steaming guts of New York City, agents of The Divisiongather to dislodge a paramilitary parasite. Ubisoft has released the first two official images of the extra-tough, extra-rewarding Falcon Lost Incursion via The Division's Twitter account, and for taking place inside a subterranean water treatment facility, they actually look pretty dry. No water level concerns here.

Falcon Lost will be added to The Division as part of its first big update on April 12. Once it's live, players will be able to try out two separate difficulty modes, and play through each repeatedly for new rewards each time. You'll even hear different pieces of dialogue from the leader of the Last Man Battalion detachment, as Ubisoft revealed in this recorded livestream.

The April 12 update will add Gear Scores to The Division, a Destiny-like system for measuring your power beyond the level 30 experience cap. It will also make crafting quite a bit more expensive, so don't forget to convert all your green materials ahead of time.

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Connor Sheridan
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