The Division gets Incursions and even harder challenge modes on April 12

If your agent is weeping for there is no game left to conquer, their salvation is just weeks away. Ubisoft has announced (opens in new tab) that The Division (opens in new tab)'s free Incursions update will roll out on April 12, and it's packed with new challenges to overcome and loot to grab.

First up, the Falcon Lost Incursion will send players deep underground to root the Last Man Battalion out of a water treatment facility. Squads will be able to choose between two difficulties: Hard, which is recommended for players with a gear score equivalent to 31, and Challenge mode, which is, er, more challenging. Also, there will be gear rewards every time you complete it and no checkpoints.

Wait, what was that about gear score? After the update, The Division's level cap will still be 30, but players will be able to further improve their abilities with better gear, all of which is measured by your gear score. Yep, it sounds a lot like Destiny (opens in new tab)'s Light levels. Finding better items will get a bit easier for cooperative agents with the addition of loot trading, giving players the option to offer their newfound loot up to the group.

Speaking of MMO staples, The Division will get its first special gear sets in the April 12 update. Four new sets will be made available, each one built to support a specific play style, and equipping four pieces from a single set will unlock an all-new talent for your agent. Regardless of your armor, you'll be able to earn Phoenix Credits and other goodies by completing new overarching Assignments like "Kill 10 Cleaners".

Players who prefer the get-rich-quick approach can compete for the new supply drops coming to the Dark Zone. These airdropped parcels will attract attention from powerful NPCs as well as your fellow agents - the latter of which may not mind going Rogue to shoot you down before you can permanently claim the uncontaminated loot inside. Don't count your non-player opposition out, though, since the update will also give them the ability to summon drones as air support and even a bulletproof APC in certain circumstances.

Ubisoft plans to add more free stuff to The Division in the Conflict update later this year, including a new Incursion into Columbus Circle (opens in new tab) and more things to do in the Dark Zones. The Division Season Pass (opens in new tab) will also include three expansion packs worth of new things to do, but you have to pay extra for them.

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