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The Division already datamined: all missions, guns, bosses & DLC outlined

Technically, The Division (opens in new tab) isn't out until tomorrow, (Tuesday the 8th), but that hasn't stopped plenty of people getting it early and redditor itsgamerdoc has been painstakingly datamining (opens in new tab) all the files (opens in new tab) to lay pretty much everything bare. Obviously this is going to spoil a few surprises if you read on so if you like your diseasey apocalypse to be fresh, turn away now.

First up here are all the missions:

Notable mentions there include 'KillTheTank', I guess we'll find out what that's about later. There's also plenty of famous locations like Madison Square Gardens and Queens Tunnel just to remind us we're in the Big Apple. The rest sound about par for the course with power plants, armoury, and wire tap objectives sounding like meat and potatoes for a shooter.

The huge weapons (opens in new tab) list seems to be clocking in around 139-ish guns and there's also a list of the different stats, talents, attachments and optics, suggesting there's going to be a ton of tinkering potential with the base armoury. That said, some DLC guns are also mentioned in the code. It's unclear whether these will be free or part of season pass owner's 'monthly perks' (opens in new tab) that were announced back in January.

Bosses have also been pulled out of the files and mostly mention a helicopter. There's no talk of the tank from the missions as a boss, interestingly but there is a similar file to the chopper one. Here's the chopper. It's not clear if this is one big fight or a reoccurring run in with a chopper. You can see the full boss list below.

You can see all of itsgamerdoc's findings here (opens in new tab). If you don't enjoy pretending to be a hacker by eyeballing that amount of code, there's only 24 hours to wait until we can get hands on with The Division tomorrow.

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