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District 13: Ultimatum Trailer Online

Luc Besson is a busy boy. Last week we brought you the trailer for From Paris With Love , and now we have the trailer for the District 13 sequel, both of which have Besson on producing and co-writing duties.

The original D13 was a mad cap B-movie full of jaw-dropping Parkour - or Free-Running - stunts, awe-inspiring agility and death-defying leaps, and was a thoroughly enjoyable romp that didn't exactly require much effort from the little grey cells.

The plot this time sees Damien and Leito return to District 13 to quell the unrest caused by warring gang-bosses before the secret service decides to solve the problem themselves... with a nuke.

Similar to the first film then, but that's fine by us - we're not after any labyrinthine plot points, as long as there are acrobatics and explosions. What can we say? We're easily pleased.

Check out the trailer (courtesy of slashfilm).

District 13: Ultimatum has a limited relase October 2nd, and comes to DVD at the end of next month.

Is this what was missing from your life? Or will you be giving it a miss? Let us know.