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Last-minute shoppers assemble! Instant delivery Disney Plus gift card is here to save the day

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Left it a little late have we? We like a challenge too, but this Dinsey Plus gift card offer for a 12-month subscription is here to remove all those last-minute worries. While we do love that you're saving a few bucks off the monthly fee by paying for a year upfront, what we really love is that there's no need to wait for anything to arrive in the post.

During checkout, you can arrange for the code to activate 12-months of Disney Plus goodness to be emailed to yourself so you can maybe print it out and put it in a card. Or, you can arrange for it to be emailed to the intended recipient straight away or on a set date making it great for birthdays too.

Try Disney Plus

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This offer gets you Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN+ at a discount
Want to keep your options open? This alternative cheap Disney Plus deal is another good option with extra services to enjoy.

What perfect timing too, they'll be able to binge through The Mandalorian on Christmas Day, just in time for the season finale tomorrow. This is how you win Christmas. And you don't even have to get up.

At just $69.99, you're saving $14 compared to buying each month separately for a year. Just be aware though, this offer is for new subscribers only.

This Disney Plus gift card, officially dubbed the 'Gift Subscription Card', marks the first time we've been able to give a Disney Plus sign-up to someone else - you could only get a membership using your own bank details beforehand, and there was no easy way of gifting the service to another person as a result. And although it's the same cost as a standard year of Disney Plus, that's still the cheapest way of buying it we've seen. Other than an offer that gives you Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN+ for $12.99 per month, anyway (which sadly isn't available via the gift card).

Cheap Disney Plus subscription deal

Disney Plus gift subscription card (1 year) | $69.99
Digital delivery makes this a real lifesaver for our fellow late shoppers and Disney Plus really is one of the hottest picks of 2019 with a fantastic selection of content to enjoy.
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Want to watch Disney Plus outside of the US?

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Heading out of the USA for a while, but don't want to miss out on the action? That's ok, as Express VPN allows members to access their Disney Plus content in countries where the service is not available yet. This is a superb price for the top-rated VPN service which is ace for unlocking geo-restricted content and protecting your online privacy on a huge range of devices.View Deal

Although you aren't able to grab a Disney Plus free trial with the aforementioned gift cards, we'd say Disney Plus is worth the leap anyway. It's got well over 600 TV shows, movies, and documentaries on offer (including live-action Star Wars series The Mandalorian), so there's plenty to keep us distracted over the holiday season. There's also something for everyone tucked away in there, with more to come over the next year like Marvel Avengers miniseries Falcon and the Winter Soldier. That makes it a solid gift for the household at large. But remember, it's for new subscribers only - no stacking of subscriptions is allowed.

For those who aren't convinced, don't worry - it's not the only price cut available on Disney Plus at the moment. If you'd prefer to shop around, you can get a free year of Disney Plus with Verizon via certain data plans. Because most of us need data anyway or may soon be in the market to upgrade, that's a no-brainer of an offer.

And if you want other gift suggestions for Christmas? Take a look at the excellent Disney Villainous board game or the Disney Villainous expansions. Speaking as a Disney fan myself, I can't recommend them enough - they're some of the best board games on the market right now.