Disneyland and Disney World's Big Thunder Mountain ride gets its own board game

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Game box and board
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Disney's Big Thunder Mountain rollercoaster - AKA the "wildest ride in the wilderness" - is getting its own board game. And despite only having just been announced, you can grab a copy now. Available from Amazon for $29.99, the Disney board game is designed with two to four players in mind and lasts roughly 45 minutes.

Based on the rollercoaster from Disney Parks around the world, the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Game challenges you with navigating a haunted gold mine and collecting treasure. You'll also upgrade your operation until it's top dog in the Old West. But much like the ride itself, there's a curse to contend with - the game will apparently change at random thanks to flooding, storms, wayward dynamite, and even the discovery of old dinosaur bones. When combined with a sculpted mountain that serves as a marble run, fans should be pretty happy with how it's shaken out (in other words, it's a solid contender if you're hunting down good Disney gifts).

Based across the pond? Unfortunately for UK fans, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Game won't be available until July 1... and even though you can pre-order it from Amazon, it's drastically overpriced. We'd recommend holding off until closer to the time when it'll probably drop to a more reasonable cost (we expect the official RRP to weigh in at £30 or so, but will get in touch with the publisher for more pricing info).

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Developed by Prospero Hall (the team behind Disney Villainous) and published by Funko, this is just the latest of the company's board games for families based on Disney IP - it was responsible for the excellent Haunted Mansion: Call of the Spirits before hitting a children's game inspired by It's a Small World. When combined with Ravensburger's Jungle Cruise board game, the Disney Parks are certainly building up a tabletop presence. 

What will come next, then? If we were the betting sort, we'd imagine that Space Mountain or Tower of Terror are strong contenders (especially with a new Tower of Terror movie in the works).

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Game | $29.99 at Amazon

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Game | $29.99 at Amazon
Designed for two to four players ages nine and up, the Big Thunder Mountain board game lasts around 45 minutes. Besides being big on fan service, it's apparently a good introduction to card drafting as seen in many of the best card games.

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