Diablo 4's world boss is already being soloed by open beta players - on hardcore

Diablo 4 Rogue
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The titanic Diablo 4 world boss from the open beta is already being soloed – and on hardcore to boot. 

So far, we've seen two players achieve the feat who have posted videos online to prove it. Diablo 4 fans Wudijo and Vidjereii won their solo bouts against Ashava using Rogues – clearly players after my own heart - although their builds differ a little.

Wudijo appears to be leaning into the Rogue's ranged capabilities with their build. If you've been out of the loop, the class is a blend of Diablo 3's Demon Hunter and Diablo 2's Assassin. That means you can happily work a build around the bow and arrow rather than the daggers. It clearly worked for Wudijo, who beat Ashava on their lonesome not once but twice, thanks to daylight savings.

Vidjereii, on the other hand, leans more into the Rogue’s melee capabilities, giving you something up close and personal. The assassin has plenty of abilities that allow them to dart around, inflict bleed, and surround themselves in a protective hurricane of blades. You can see Vidjereii’s build in full in the video below, but the braver playstyle clearly reaps the rewards, with the Diablo 4 player beating Ashava in around three minutes. For what it’s worth, you have 15 minutes total to conquer the world boss, and that’s when you have a whole party at your disposal.

This isn't the first time we've seen Diablo 4 players solo a tricky foe in the beta, but it's probably the most impressive. Plenty of players were surprised to see The Butcher from the original game, who appears randomly in dungeons to ensure you have a bad time. Players soon put plans together to ensure it was The Butcher who had a bad time, however. 

Diablo 4's world boss is a nightmare Josh couldn't wait to walk away from, and also one that he could not solo.

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