Diablo 4 developer explains one item's surprisingly moving description

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One Diablo 4 item has a description that really touched a player going through severe depression.

Earlier this week, one Diablo 4 player posted to the game-dedicated subreddit the image below. The 'Mark of the Conclave' Sacred Rare Amulet says that "healing is a journey" and a "series of steps." The item's description really hit home for one player in particular, who said that they've been struggling with depression.

As someone going through severe depression, this brighten up my day. from r/diablo4

"Some days you may stumble, but so long as you continue to put one foot in front of the other, you will reach your destination," reads the rest of the item's description. It's a very wholesome passage (perhaps surprisingly so for a game like Diablo 4), which really meant a lot to the player in question on their similar journey.

"Despite all the troubles in my life, reading this description really brighten up my day and it made me more hopeful for the future," the player adds in the comments underneath the original subreddit post.

Now, one developer has come forward to comment on the item's description. In the tweet below, Diablo 4 senior quest designer Harrison G. Pink touches on why he wrote the Sacred Rare Amulet's description, adding that he hopes that it "might help someone remember that things will get better."

"I created this quest to be about overcoming grief and trauma, and how you cannot force healing, or always slay your demons, but by accepting who you are NOW, you can continue to heal and move forward," Harrison adds in a deeply moving follow-up tweet.

Harrison has received a lot of love for the description on Twitter, and he's sent out dozens of responses thanking players, and wishing them well on their journeys. "I always hesitate about being emotionally vulnerable online but, in this instance I think it's important," the developer added in another response.

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