Diablo 4 Battle Pass cosmetics will work for every class, so don't worry about missing out

One of Diablo 4's Barbarians stands in front of the camp fire
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Details on the Diablo 4 Battle Pass have been slowly trickling out in advance of the launch of Diablo 4 Season 1 in July, and now the developers have confirmed that cosmetics you earn as part of the Battle Pass will be "class agnostic."

One fan asked this of Diablo boss Rod Fergusson on Twitter: "any thoughts to a discounted battle pass if you've completed the current one, even just for other class cosmetics? I remember on Immortal, I wanted to get the cosmetics for other classes when I finished but there was no option."

"Diablo 4 Battle Pass cosmetics are class agnostic so you earn them for all classes," Fergusson replied (via Wowhead). In other words, if you've earned a cosmetic while leveling up a Druid, you'll still have access to that cosmetic when you switch to a Necromancer. This is pretty much what most Diablo fans have been expecting, but it's good to have proper confirmation from devs.

The remaining question is whether the cosmetics will be meaningfully different for each class, or if there's going to be a single set that applies to everybody. Given how wildly different the shapes and sizes of each class are, there'll have to be some variation regardless, but here's hoping we see some meaningful variety.

The devs have previously confirmed that you'll need to create a new Diablo 4 character with every Battle Pass. Once again, that's old news to Diablo veterans, but comes as a bit of a stunner to many new or returning fans.

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