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Diablo 3 - April release date for Blizzard's next?

European websites are reporting that Activision has hinted strongly at an April release for Diablo 3. CVG says that Amazon Italy listed the title as releasing on April 17 (at time of writing, no date's attached to the game), and Italian MMO hub MMORPGItalia reports that stores are readying shelf space for the title following a tipoff from Activision/Blizzard.

While Blizzard's Jay Wilson said he “could not debunk or confirm” the April 17 rumor, the company's expected to make an announcement regarding the title at this week's CeBIT expo in Germany. Asked to rank the likelihood of the company dropping a release date at CeBIT, with 1 being no word and 10 being a flat-out confirmation, Wilson simply told fans, “9.” And if that's still a little vague for you, we've still got Diablo 3 beta keys to give away...