Devotion dev's new action platformer has been delayed

Nine Sols
(Image credit: Red Candle Games)

The next game from the developers of Detention and Devotion has been delayed.

Earlier today on April 21, Red Candle Games announced that they'd made the difficult decision to push back the launch of Nine Sols to later this year. Right now, the action platformer will release somewhere between October and December, but Red Candle Games isn't sure when.

It's actually a little difficult to decipher when Nine Sols was originally meant to release. There isn't a huge amount of information out there about Red Candle Games' original launch window, but it looks like Nine Sols was always intended to release at some point in 2023.

There's good news though, as Nine Sols backers from Kickstarter will be able to play a third beta before the game launches. As for everyone else, the Nine Sols demo is still available on Steam, if you want to see how the horror developer has turned its typical horror expertize to focus on pure action.

As we reported back in 2021, Nine Sols is Red Candle Games' big departure from horror after the tumultuous launch of Devotion. After Devotion fell afoul of Chinese audiences for a perceived slight against politician Xi Jinping and was later delisted from Steam, Red Candle Games eventually published the horror game on their own website.

With Devotion firmly in the rearview mirror, Red Candle Games is going all-on in Nine Sols' launch later this year in 2023, stepping into brand new territory for the studio.

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