Devotion developer shows a snippet of its next game

Red Candle Games
(Image credit: Red Candle Games)

Detention and Devotion developer Red Candle Games has given a new look at its next game.

Below, you can see a very brief sneak peek at the next game in the works from Red Candle Games. We can see two characters beginning to square off against one another on what would appear to be a 2D arena. If you're familiar with Red Candle's past works, you'll know that this looks nothing like the excellent horror adventures of Detention and Devotion, and bears a strikingly colorful art style.

This would appear to be the 2D action game that Red Candle Games previously revealed to Gamesradar earlier this year. In February, the Taiwanese developer told us that it was moving out of the horror genre with their next project, and would be embarking on a new venture for a 2D action game.

However, this new 2D game isn't very far along in development, so don't expect to see it soon. When asked how the COVID-19 pandemic had impacted the studio, Red Candle revealed that it didn't have to worry about attending trade shows to showcase their new game, since it was still in the early stages of development.

Either way, it's exciting to see even a snippet of what Red Candle Games has in store. Earlier this week, the indie developer announced the opening of their own storefront for fans to purchase games directly from the developer themselves, allowing Devotion to go back on sale, after it was delisted from Steam in early 2019 due to mass review-bombing from Chinese players which perceived one item to be an insult to Chinese Premier Xi Jinping.

If you're interested to see what all the fuss is about, you can purchase Devotion straight from Red Candle Games' online store. Alternatively, you can check out Detention on PC, consoles, and even the Nintendo Switch for a remarkable tale set in occupation-era Taiwan. There's even a TV adaptation of Detention available to stream now on Netflix around the world.

To see if any of Red Candle Games' back catalog made it into our pick of the scariest horror tales you can experience, head over to our list of the best horror games for more.

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