A TV show based upon terrifying indie horror Detention is available now on Netflix

A snap of a ghost peering at a student in the spooky sidescroller
(Image credit: RedCandleGames)

You can now find the first two episodes of a new Taiwanese TV adaptation of Red Candle Games' Detention on Netflix.

Releasing episodes weekly between now and the end of the year, the eight-episode series focuses on "a tormented student" as she "uncovers unsettling secrets about her remote high school as betrayal and a paranormal encounter upend her life".

The Chinese-language show - which has been made in collaboration between Netflix and Taiwan's independent Public Television Service - stars Lingwei Lee as Yunxiang Liu and Ning Han as Ruixin Fang (thanks, PC Gamer). 

Earlier this year Red Candle Games revealed its two debut titles, Detention and Devotion, have been added to one of the world's biggest East Asian media preservation libraries, the Harvard-Yenching, which is located at Harvard University.

The independent foundation is dedicated to "advancing higher education in Asia in the humanities and social sciences, with special attention to the study of Chinese culture", and has accepted the two Taiwanese horror games into its collection for preservation. 

It's an incredible achievement for an independent game, prompting the development team "to rethink the possibilities that [its] games could achieve".

Terrifying indie horror Devotion caused a stir when it released last year, but just seven days later it was withdrawn from sale following the discovery of an in-game poster that insulted the Chinese president. Following intense criticism and review-bombing from Chinese players, it was temporarily pulled from Steam.

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Vikki Blake
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