Devil May Cry HD Collection release date jumps forward to... right now

The end of last year saw the Devil May Cry HD Collection dated for April, but Capcom seems to have decided that this month had been a bit uneventful. We did our best to spice things up by awarding Game of the Month, March 2012 to a contender sure to spark a nerdfight or two... but Capcom's apparently looking to start some flamewars of its own, with the surprise early release of the Devil May Cry HD Collection.

Above: Flames, y'see, because devils live in hell, and war because... oh, forget it

Game Informer reports that retailers have been given the go-ahead to just start selling Devil May Cry HD now, rather than waiting until next week as originally intended. No explanation given, and really, none needed for the man on the street. Any day's a good day to play Devil May Cry, as far as we're concerned.