Devil May Cry HD Collection dated for Western release

April will be the cruelest month for the Dark Lord and his dread minions, with English-language releases of Capcom's Devil May Cry HD Collection confirmed for 4/3/12. The collection recaps the previous adventures of Dante, Hideki Kamiya's increasingly flamboyant demon-slayer.

Above: If you're tired of the sight of a maroon demon-slayer shreddin' on his righteous axe, we have nothing to discuss

Expect to pay $39.99 for the whole set, which is pretty good considering the games' timeline runs from groundbreaking early work on the PS2 all the way to the Special Edition of Devil May Cry 3. There'll be Achievements, Trophies and bonus extras to uncover within the HD revisions of the games' original trilogy, which ought to keep players busy while formulating a preemptive opinion on Ninja Theory's reboot.