Destruction Allstars State of Play delivers gameplay details and colorful carnage

Destruction Allstars, the PS5 exclusive and PlayStation Plus free game, just dropped a lengthy State of Play ahead of its release next week. Check it out above and read on for more details.

The Destruction Allstars State of Play shows off the neon-colored carnage you can expect to enjoy when the game releases February 2 for PS5. You can choose from 16 different characters who have their own special abilities and unique vehicles to compete in arenas around the world. You'll have access to three different vehicle types: a speedy car that can drift around corners with ease, a smaller more nimble vehicle, and a heavy vehicle that focuses on stability and damage. Remember, these vehicles are "disposable by design" so you're expected to climb in and out of them to tear shit up. 

There are four different game modes available at launch: Mayhem, Carnado, Stockpile, and Gridfall, and the State of Play jumps right into some Mayhem gameplay. It's exactly as you'd expect: a bevy of bombastic explosions, metal on metal violence, and wild hero abilities. For instance, Lupita is an offensive-focused character, whose vehicle leaves a trail of fire behind it to damage opponents, as does her hero ability while on foot. Meanwhile, the defensive-minded Shyft can go invisible while on foot and when in his car. 

The Destruction Allstars State of Play is nearly eight minutes of unseen gameplay with some tips that will help you dole out the most destruction when the game debuts next week. Even though the game was meant to debut alongside the PS5, a Destruction Allstars delay was announced last October - but so was the news that it's available for free to PS Plus members for two months after launch. 

Destruction Allstars car smashing and character abilities were detailed back in September 2020. 

Alyssa Mercante

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