PS5-exclusive Destruction AllStars car smashing and character abilities detailed

(Image credit: Lucid Games)

Lucid Games has published a full run-down of its upcoming PS5 exclusive Destruction AllStars, which blends Twisted Metal-style vehicular brawling and on-foot action together into a delightfully chaotic whole.

The ability for players to run around the map if their vehicle is destroyed adds a unique element to Destruction AllStars that I can't wait to see in action. Obviously, charging into an opponent with the force of a superpowered car does some damage, but you're also not entirely vulnerable on-foot. Characters, or AllStars, have unique abilities that let them turn invisible and overtake opponents' cars, become invulnerable to attacks, drop trails of fire, or act as a support character for teammates.

(Image credit: Lucid Games)

We haven't seen much from Destruction AllStars since it made its debut at June's PS5 reveal event, so it's good to have a clearer picture of what it's all about. In a new PlayStation Blog, Lucid Games community manager George Rule calls the next-gen arena brawler "a global sports entertainment event where stars & cars collide." There are 16 characters, or AllStars, each with their own unique abilities and Hero Vehicles. Naturally, the cars have their own talent for destruction. Hana's vehicle deploys a blade along its side to slice and dice foes, while Genesis' vehicle can ignite rocket boosters to go faster and slam harder into opponents.

The latest update on Destruction AllStars also confirms plans for post-launch content. "After launch, we’ll be adding new modes as well as exciting twists on others. We’ll also be adding new features to help you get the most out of your Destruction AllStars experience," Rule says. Additionally, the post-launch updates will be "absolutely free" and detailed in an upcoming roadmap. There's also a new Destruction AllStars trailer "launching soon."

Finally, Lucid Games detailed the Destruction AllStars Digital Deluxe Edition, which comes with special skins, an emote, some in-game cosmetics, and a bunch of in-game currency.

Destruction AllStars is just one of the many upcoming PS5 games we can't wait to check out.

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