Destiny's 187 million Guardians have played for 9.8 billion hours combined

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Destiny is approaching 10 billion hours played thanks to the combined grinding of some 187 million unique players.

Bungie shared some of the game's lifetime stats in its latest blog post. While community manager Cozmo didn't provide exact numbers, he did confirm that Destiny and Destiny 2 have collectively seen 187 million Guardians who've logged 9.8 billion hours in the FPS MMO.  

This doesn't tell us how many people are actively playing Destiny 2 – which is sitting comfortably at 100,000 concurrent players on Steam alone at the time of writing – but it does speak to the sheer volume of gamers who've at least tried Destiny over the years. How many of them hopped in when cross-play went live, or when the New Light free trial became available? That we don't know, but we do know that Destiny players killed Vault of Glass boss Atheon two million times in the past year alone, with 3.5 million kills on Taniks in Destiny 2's Deep Stone Crypt raid for good measure. 

"How fast do you think you can lift that number up to an even 10 billion hours (about 1,100,000 years) played?" Cozmo asked in the blog post. "Just please remember to take breaks and drink plenty of water," he added, completely in vain considering he's speaking to the player base that began this franchise by shooting dudes in a cave for days and hasn't gotten any less dogged since. Look at all the places that aren't caves where we can shoot dudes now. Look at the many varieties of dudes that need shootin'. And you expect us to take breaks

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