This Destiny Titan figure looks good enough to save a 1/6 scale galaxy

Collectibles manufacturer 3A has teamed up with Activision and Bungie to create a 1/6 scale figure representing a Titan from the Peter Dinklage escort simulator ... er, sorry- first-person shooter, Destiny. And dang if he doesn't look good, featuring 24 points of articulation, highly-detailed armor and weapons, a cloth undersuit and Titan mark secured around the waist.

When ordered from 3A directly, the figure will come with an exclusive replica of the Hawkmoon Hand Cannon, an exotic weapon from the game. It will go on sale via 3A on July 27 for $190, while pre-orders through other retailers for the Hawkmoon-absent version will open on July 31, with no price given.

A Titan-class Guardian will face many challenges in their lifetime, most of which have guns and want them dead. So I imagine it will be nice for this Guardian when his biggest concern will be avoiding being eaten/knocked over by the cat.

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Sam Prell

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