New Destiny: The Taken King PS4 bundle will have you seeing stars on September 15

Forget the mysterious Darkness, it's the wallets of the cosmos that have reason to fear Bungie's Destiny. A new Destiny PS4 bundle has been revealed by Sony - yes, another one - that contains Destiny: The Taken King and a specially-designed 500GB white PS4 console with a silver map of the galaxy and gold Guardian emblem painted on it. No price was given in the announcement, but expect to find it on store shelves starting September 15.

The Destiny: The Taken King PS4 bundle will also come with a free upgrade to the Digital Collector's Edition, which you may recall was handled so poorly that Bungie apologized for the whole snafu. Presumably someone will also apologize for advertising the bundle with a controller that mixes up the placement of the d-pad and face buttons. (Although it's since been changed on the PlayStation Blog, look carefully at the header image of this article, which was the original image shown as part of the reveal).

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Sam Prell

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