Destiny: The Taken King concerns will be addressed later this week, Bungie says

As complaints mount about Destiny: The Taken King Collector's Edition exclusive content, Bungie promises a satisfactory explanation… later. Destiny community manager David "DeeJ" Dague gave brief responses to fan concerns on Reddit and the Destiny forums, saying he would expand on how Bungie plans to "honor" current players in his regular weekly update this Thursday.

The issues are a complex morass of perceived value and sunk cost, and you should check out our previous story for a more thorough rundown of why loyal Destiny players are upset with The Taken King. Creative director Luke Smith saying he's "really comfortable with the value we're giving to players this autumn," after laying out how current players would need to buy the main game and both expansions just to get the Collector's Edition exclusive class emotes and XP-boosting items, didn't much help.

Neither did Dague observing on the Bungie forums that the "Collector's Edition is mostly sold out, so the people who found that stuff valuable jumped at the chance" - even though the in-game items (the biggest point of contention) are also being offered through the Digital Collector's Edition for the same price. Sounding just a teensy bit tone deaf, there.

However, Dague said the real issue at hand is how Bungie plans to celebrate its loyal players, which he'll talk more about in the regularly scheduled Bungie Weekly Update on Thursday . Hopefully he's not just referring to the "VIP rewards" which were announced last week (an exclusive Sparrow, shader, and emblem for current players who meet certain criteria) given how much this issue has blown up since then.

The weekly update will also revisit Bungie's goals "in offering different versions of The Taken King," though it's not clear whether that means potential changes or just further explanation of the current setup.

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