Destinys Taken King bonuses to be sold separately (but this formal apology is free)

Frustrations with the pricing of Destiny's forthcoming expansion, The Taken King, have come to a head - and now, Bungie would like to formally apologize. In a statement on the Bungie Weekly Update, Taken King's creative director Luke Smith wanted to atone for the way the Collector's Edition SNAFU has been handled thus far.

"Reading my interview with Eurogamer and imagining it came from some random developer of a game I love - that random developer looks like an Asshat. But that Asshat was me - and those words rightfully anger you," said Smith. "I'm sorry. My words made it sound as if Bungie doesn't care about their most loyal fans. We do care. We are listening. And we will make it right."

In this case, that means making the previously exclusive Destiny: The Taken King Collector's Edition content - three class-specific Emotes, three new shaders, and three Exotic items with XP bonuses - easily available to those who already bought everything Destiny has to offer up until now. Those items will be available as part of a $20 "upgrade bundle" on 9/15/2015, when The Taken King will be released.

While a nice gesture, this makes the pricing of The Taken King even more complicated than it already was. There's The Taken King: Legendary Edition ($60), which includes the base game and all three expansions; the Digital Collector's Edition ($80), which has everything from the Legendary Edition plus those formerly exclusive bonuses, and finally the "Digital Download" ($40), reserved for those players who already own the base game and all the expansions. If you purchased the Digital Collector's Edition solely for those bonuses that are now $20, Bungie says "we’ll have some additional information for you soon."

Lucas Sullivan

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