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Hear Northbot for the first time in Destiny's new Taken King trailer

Out with the Dinklebot, in with the Northbot. This new teaser trailer for tomorrow's Destiny: The Taken King stream introduces a lot of new material in 44 seconds, but the most intriguing bit has to be when Ghost opens its little metal flaps and Nolan North's voice tumbles out (and no, he doesn't sound like robot Nathan Drake).

We already knew that the Uncharted/Portal 2/everything else voice actor would be taking over for Peter Dinklage - for scheduling reasons rather than questionable delivery, according to Bungie - but it's still going going to take some adjustment. Compared to deadpan Dinklage, North's peppy delivery sounds a lot more like Halo's 343 Guilty Spark... which could be a good or bad thing depending on your feelings toward cheerful-yet-increasingly-unhinged hoverbots.

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