Ah, crap. Destiny's Dinklebot replaced by Nathan Drake

Hope you're not too attached to Peter Dinklage as Ghost, your personal floating robot buddy in Destiny, because come this September, Dinklebot is no more. According to a report from Game Informer, your Ghost will now be voiced by Nolan North. Yep, the voice of Uncharted's Nathan Drake will now be the one to tell you all about those wizards that came from the moon.

North won't just be voicing Ghost in The Taken King's content update on September 15th. He's actually re-recorded every line of Ghost's dialog, effectively scrubbing Dinklage's involvement from the game entirely. So if you played the story missions from Destiny expansions The Dark Below and The House of Wolves and noticed that your Ghost suddenly became a bit less talkative, well… this probably has something to do with it.

Speaking to Game Informer, creative director Luke Smith said: "We wanted Nolan North’s version of the Ghost to wake you up at the start of the journey at level one and follow you all the way to level forty. With this change, the Ghost’s script will remain the same, but Peter Dinklage’s voicing of those lines will not be present in the game."

The voice of virtually every video game hero that isn't voiced by Troy Baker, Nolan North is perhaps most famous for his role as adventurer Nathan Drake, and we'll probably hear a little bit of that delivery in Ghost's new voice. And so, I present to you a compilation of lines we at GR+ think Northbot will probably say in The Taken King:

"You took a hooker to the moon?"
"You know how to fire a Gjallarhorn?" "Sure, you just point and shoot, right?"
"It's the Hive! NononononononoNO!"
"That wizard came from the... ah, crap, I'm not saying that."

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David Roberts
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