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Don't worry, Destiny will send Sterling Treasures to players who missed them

If that no-good Postmaster didn't have a Sterling Treasure box (opens in new tab) for you this week, Bungie is working on a fix. The latest microtransaction-optional box of goodies in Destiny was supposed to go out for free via the game's mail system along with Update 2.2, getting players started on their Taken gear and colorful chroma armor (opens in new tab), but some will have to wait a bit longer.

Bungie confirmed in its weekly update (opens in new tab) that it's working on a plan to deploy Sterling Treasures to everyone who was snubbed this week, and to make sure it doesn't happen again. The other two ways to earn Sterling Treasures on a weekly basis (taking part in the weekly Crucible playlist and completing the Level 41 Prison of Elders) are still working fine, so at least you can get started that way. Or you can buy them for real-money silver from Tess Everis.

Update 2.2 came with a scant few other issues - you can tell Bungie is getting the hang of this - including some missing clan tags, which you can apparently fix by using the "Repair Clan" feature on The developer is looking into some odd glitches that are causing too little ammunition to drop in certain PvE fights, low-light Ghosts dropping as Nightfall Strike rewards, and Cryptarch rank reward packages giving out puny little Year One Engrams.

Oh, and Universal Remote has started decrypting from Special Weapon Engrams, even though it's a primary weapon. I mean, it's a shotgun, but sitting in your primary slot is part of what makes it exotic after all.

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