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Here's the new stuff coming to Destiny in update 2.2.0, including easier infusions

Destiny (opens in new tab)'s 2.2.0 update will add new armor pieces and weapons with customizable neon glows, not to mention that mysterious Taken armor, but the best part is one tiny tweak to the infusion system. Bungie revealed on a livestream today that, on April 12, buffing up your less powerful items will become a one-to-one transaction.

No more pouring a series of powerful items into a relatively wimpy Legendary or Exotic, just to end up with a slightly improved end product. Now the Infusion process will directly impart the donor item's Light level onto the item being infused (so infusing a Light level 335 gun into a level 160 gun would instantly make it level 335). You'll be especially thankful for the change if you fancy wearing the update's flashy new armor sets outside of the Tower.

Once the update goes live, you'll be able to pick up a free Sterling Treasure from the Postmaster. It will contain flashy new gear like the new Spektar armor line, which is customizable with glowing Chroma, and the Taken-chic Desolate Set. They both start at the standard minimum Light level, though you'll be able to boost them up right quick with the new Infusion system.

Sterling Treasures will also potentially include additional items like new Sparrows and ships. Players will get a free treasure every week from the Postmaster, and can also earn two more by completing the Challenge of Elders (opens in new tab) and the weekly Crucible activity (not to confused with bounties). You can also buy them in exchange for real-money silver from Tess Everis, as you might expect.

Thankfully or sadly, depending on your feelings toward turning the Tower into one giant laser rave, only certain gear and guns will be able to accept Chroma. But all three Crucible factions will also get their own Chroma-compatible pieces, and you're free to set each individual item aglow in white, red, blue, or yellow (if you have the materials).

Bungie will host another livestream on April 6, this time focusing on changes to the Crucible and tweaks to the game's overall "sandbox" mechanics.

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