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Destiny 2 Class Guide - should you pick Titan, Hunter or Warlock?

Destiny 2 Hunter Class Guide

Hunter are agility specialists who are fast moving and able to swiftly evade enemies, making them well suited to ranged combat. Their Double Jump ability, which can later be upgraded to Triple Jump, allows them to reach better vantage points for tactical advantage or make a hasty escape from a difficult situation, but it can in-motion flexibility that, say, the Warlock's jump offers.

All Hunters have the choice of the same two Class Abilities. 

Class Ability: Marksman's Dodge or Gambler's Dodge

Unlocked at level 7, the Hunter's Class Ability is all about getting yourself out of the heat, and quickly. The Marksman's Dodge is the steadier option that automatically reloads your gun as you move. The Gambler's Dodge, on the other hand, puts your Hunter into a little tuck position as you dodge, but it also fully recharges your melee ability as you do so.


As the new subclass for Destiny 2, the Arcstrider is a must for Hunters more inclined to play to offensively. It offers excellent close-quarter attacks and is most effective in group combat and is incredibly quick. It's the best Hunter subclass for aggressors and has a nice mix of area-of-effect attacks and melee moves. 

You automatically unlock the Arcstrider subclass by completing the campaign mission Spark.

Super Ability: Arc Staff

The Arc Staff is essentially a huge pole of lightning that you can use to deal some serious melee attacks. By mashing the melee and fire buttons you can chain together attacks while on the ground, or use it airborne to pull off some serious short-range combos.


This is the subclass for those looking to attack at long-range, as the Gunslinger favours accurate, finessed attacks over brute force. 

You can unlock the Gunslinger class when you've collected the required artifact and completed the related mission.

Super Ability: Golden Gun

This straightforward Super Ability is a big gold gun that can fire up to three high-damage bullets. It takes some serious skill and precision to use effectively - especially in the Crucible - but get it right, and you'll be almost unstoppable.


Nightstalker is the best for sneak attacks and subterfuge, as it helps suppress, slow, weaken, and disorientate enemies in a battle. It's a support class that's best used in combination with other subclasses. 

This is another subclass that needs the correct artifact to unlock along with completing the resulting mission. 

Super Ability: Shadowshot

Unusually, Shadowshot is a Super that's used best when supporting your fellow Guardians. You can use this bow and arrow to fire a Void Anchor that slows your enemies, causing them to take more damage and prevent them from using abilities, and it can be incredibly effective, especially in PvP. As you level up, you'll be able to tweak either the potency or the length of its effects.

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