Destiny 2's new event lets you kickflip in space with a cool Warframe-style hoverboard every sci-fi MMO should have

A Warlock from Destiny 2 rides a hoverboard through an abandoned town
(Image credit: Bungie)

What's better than traversing space on a cool hoverbike in Destiny 2? Travesing space on a sci-fi skateboard, obviously. 

As part of Destiny 2's annual Guardian Games event – which sees the space MMO's many denizens compete with each other for class bragging rights – we've got a new type of vehicle that takes the place of the Sparrow. The Skimmer gives your hoverbike the heave-ho for a hoverboard that lets you do cool tricks and shit. If you've played Warframe at all, you know the vibe. 

As is only good and right, Destiny 2 fans are fobbing off their Guardian Games duties to nail some sick tricks—all recorded to post online. Naturally, it's only right we have a Tony Hawk's Pro Skater-style video set to Goldfinger's Superman.

You have some work to do if you want to keep the Skimmer for good without paying up. A common version of the Allstar Vector Skimmer is available as part of the Guardian Games, though it's gone for good when the event ends. If you want to keep the fun going, you'll need to complete the “Best in Class” quest to get the Exotic version. Or you could just buy the Winged Wolf from the Eververse store that's part of the Gjallarheart Gear set – but that's money, man. 

Another, albeit non-intentional highlight, of Destiny 2's latest update has been the bugged Lost Sectors that have been spitting up Exotic loot for free. Space skateboarding is likely to stick around for a while, though you had to enjoy that goof in the moment because Bungie has been quick to respond. 

Bungie casually revealed it made a Destiny 2 dating sim internally that fans of the MMO's many hotties will never get to play, and I've been in mourning ever since.

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