Oops, Destiny 2's best farm ever was literally just the MMO playing itself: bugged Lost Sectors were auto-completing and spitting out free Exotics in seconds

Destiny 2 Gambit's Drifter
(Image credit: Bungie)

Destiny 2 players, we've got another unintended farm for the record books, and this one's a doozy. Following today's Guardian Games update, featured Lost Sectors would auto-complete the second you'd load in, spitting out enhancement materials and even Exotics immediately after starting the activity. Sadly, Bungie was quick on the draw here: it's been patched. 

Based on reports from Destiny Bulletin and players like Reddit user ntsh-oni, this Lost Sector farm was a little inconsistent. Some people said they easily, instantly finished multiple Lost Sectors in a row, while others had to boot up the activity multiple times to trigger whatever it is that was auto-completing these things.

The amazing part is that the farm couldn't be simpler; the game is literally playing itself. I don't know what was going on in the backend, but you didn't have to take a single step into the Lost Sector, let alone loot the chest at the end. Load in, bag your loot before your feet even touch the ground, and quit out, ill-gotten Exotics and materials in-hand. We've finally reached peak efficiency, folks. This is the farm of all farms, the farm that farmers dream of. No gameplay required! 

For science, and absolutely not because I wanted to check out the Guardian Games or stockpile some Exotics during my shift, I booted up Destiny 2 and gave this a go myself. Sure enough, it had already been patched, with today's highlighted Lost Sector, the EDZ's Quarry, disabled outright. That said, it was still easy to find the missing Lost Sector because all I had to do was follow the trail of my fellow would-be farmers, who were dogpiling the Quarry entryway like ants after a dropped piece of fried chicken at a picnic. Never change, Destiny 2 players. 

Destiny 2 finally got true loot rain in the Coil, and Bungie says it's ready to make it rain again: "We want to make sure that you're getting paid out for that time."

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