Destiny 2: Xur location, weapons and armour Oct 3-10. Should you buy Vigilance Wing?

What's Xur selling this week and is it worth the shards? This week in Destiny 2 he's on Earth, in the Winding Cove area. 

This week it's all about Vigilance Wing, a health and speed boosting five-shot pulse rifle that's an excellent choice for the Crucible. Especially if you team it up with Foetracer, a Hunter helmet that'll mark targets and boost damage when health is low. Warlocks get the void boosting Nezarec’s Sin while the Titan helmet, An Insurmountable Skull Fort, is good if you like arc damage and punching. Check out the video for more info on everything Xur's selling and to see Vigilance Wing in action. 

As ever he'll be around until the weekly reset on Tuesday. 

Where is Xur this week? 

Xur's on Earth this week near the Winding Cove fast travel point. When you spawn, head straight ahead and look for a road on the right just under a large pointy rock. Go up the road and look for green rocks on the left, go into that area and look up - you'll see Xur on an outcrop overhead. Look for more green rock on the left and use these to climb up and reach him. 

Should you buy Vigilance Wing?

If you play a lot of Crucible almost certainly. That key perk of boosting healing and speed when allies die mean you'll almost constantly benefit from others dying around you. The five burst round means it also packs a punch, making it useful in PvE as well. Although it will need a little taming accuracy-wise.