Destiny 2: Xur location, weapons and armour Oct 20-27th. Should you buy Sweet Business?

What guns and armour is Xur selling this week, and is any of it worth buying? This week in Destiny 2 he's on Titan, near the Rig fast travel point.

It's a good week if you want Sweet Business, as that's the gun this week and it's a good, if unsubtle kinetic auto rifle. As for gear only Warlocks get anything new with the punch-tastic melee boosting Winter's Guile Gauntlets, while Hunters and Titans have to make do with repeats. There's Raiden's Flux chest armour and Doom Fang Pauldrons respectively - both of which can be obtained in the main campaign, and from previous Xur appearances. They're not bad gets if you haven't got them already, but at this point I'd imagine we've all got a couple of each knocking about the back of the Guardian closet right now. 

Check out the video for more info on each item Xur's selling, and to see Sweet Business in action. 

As ever he'll be around until the weekly reset on Tuesday. 

Where is Xur this week? 

Xur's on Titan this week near the Rig Fast travel point. He's in the same place he was before, so turn a touch to your left after spawning head past the red container and under the stairs. Keep going straight and look for the building on your left after you go down a flight of stairs. Xur's in there. 

Should you buy Sweet Business?

Sweet Business is an unsubtle but handy gun to have. That increasing fire rate means it can strip away an enemy's health in seconds if you can keep it under control, something the improvements to recoil and stability make easy. It's equally good for PvE and Crucible stuff so well worth the Shards any day.