Destiny 2: Xur location, weapons and armour Oct 13-17. Should you buy the Fighting Lion?

Another week, another shop full of Exotic goods. Xur’s is back in Destiny 2and this time around, his big ticket item is the Fighting Lion Exotic Grenade Launcher with its shield damage capabilities. If you don't want a new gun, there's plenty of armour on offer too. Hunter’s have the rather brilliant Knucklehead Radar helmet up for grabs, which keeps your radar up while you’re aiming down the sights, and increases your damage resistance. The Peacekeeper Leg Armour for the Titans is also pretty awesome as it increases health regen and reloads any holstered submachine guns so you’re always ready in a fight. Unfortunately for Warlocks this week, you’ve got the Wings of Sacred Dawn chest armour again. You know the one, that you already have with the wings and the floaty aiming... 

Check out the video above for more info on everything Xur's selling. And, don’t forget, he'll be around until the weekly reset on Tuesday. 

Where is Xur this week? 

Xur’s gone back to his old haunt on Nessus this week, in the tree right by the Watcher’s Grave fast travel point. When you warp in, jump on your sparrow and head down the road to your right. Once you see a big branch growing over the path, you’re already there. Have a little run up the strange, but brilliantly positioned, tree path and you’ll see old tentacle face waiting there for you. 

Should you buy the Fighting Lion?

Although this Exotic Grenade Launcher looks seriously impressive and might sound good on paper, in practice it’s really not that impressive. It’s mega slow reload time means that despite its heightened shield damage, you’ll fail to get enough rounds into any enemy to make it worthwhile.