Destiny 2 will keep going with timed-exclusive PS4 content

Destiny 2 players on PS4 will once again have access to exclusive stuff before anybody else. The cinematic trailers for the newly revealed game on PlayStation's official YouTube account both end with a familiar bump and a soothing voice assuring viewers that you can "Get exclusive Destiny 2 content on PS4*". So if you’re pondering a Destiny 2 pre-order, think carefully. 

The asterisk is there because it's timed exclusive content, which is guaranteed to not be available on other platforms until "at least" Fall 2018. PS4-nots might have to wait even longer than that - the PlayStation exclusive content released with The Taken King two years ago is still only available on PlayStation.

What kind of rewards can you expect for picking up Destiny 2 on PS4? Neither Bungie nor Sony are saying so far, but the last game set aside certain Exotic weapons (those are the extra cool ones) armor sets, Strikes, Crucible maps, and other perks for PlayStation players. At least Xbox One players won't be the only ones left out in the cold this time around - they'll have all the PC players to keep them company.

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Connor Sheridan

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