Watch the Destiny 2 reveal trailer to find out why you can't keep your gear, and more

Bungie has released the official Destiny 2 (opens in new tab) reveal trailer, and it's every bit as explosive (and funny) as any Guardian could want. Time to rally the troops. Take it away, Zavala and Cayde.

According to a related press release, the first look at Destiny 2 gameplay will come via livestream on May 18. And while the trailer doesn't specify which platforms the game will come out on, the release specifies Destiny 2 is coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC on September 8.

Now, what can we take away from this first trailer? Here's what our quick-n-dirty analysis has come up with:

Alien dogs could change the flow of combat

Melee has been getting more and more emphasis as Destiny ages on, and these dog-like creatures could signal Bungie creating new enemies which are specifically designed to get players to switch to punches over guns.

There's an in-lore reason for the inventory wipe

We were wondering how Destiny 2 was going to justify Guardians starting over from square one - assuming that Bungie wouldn't let the ridiculously strong players of today carry their gear over to the sequel. But now we know: your stuff got blown up when the City was attacked. Makes sense, and Cayde is clearly upset about it.

There's a good blend of laughs mixed with seriousness

Bungie has always tried to blend a sense of humor into its narratives. Vanilla Destiny maybe leaned a bit too far toward stone-faced seriousness, but if the tone of this trailer is anything to go by, we'll fight to save our home and have some chuckles along the way.

The City is a legit place now

Up til now, the Last City has only been glimpsed from the high-rise of the Tower. Guardians knew it was there, obviously, but it never really felt like a real place. With this attack and the goal of reclaiming it, the City now feels like a proper chance to see how civilization has changed in Destiny's vision of the future.

There's a new big bad

I think his name is Gary? But seriously, it's about time the Cabal took a proper swing at us, and this Red Legion looks intimidating. It's hard to top Oryx, AKA Space Satan, but hopefully Gall (Gahl? Gaaaul? Not sure on spelling) will be a formidable foe.

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