Destiny 2 will fix bugged Eyes of Tomorrow damage and drop rates next week

Destiny 2: Beyond Light
(Image credit: Bungie)

The drop rate and damage on Destiny 2's newest raid exotic, the Eyes of Tomorrow rocket launcher, is currently bugged and due for a fix on March 23. 

Bungie explained the bugs in its latest blog post, after acknowledging the perceived damage issue last month. "We discovered there was a modifier incorrectly placed on the weapon that was reducing its damage to 'miniboss' combatants like the bosses you find in a Lost Sector," it said. This lines up with player testing, most of which is done in Lost Sectors due to how easily accessible they make bosses. It also confirms that Eyes of Tomorrow is dealing the correct amount of damage against raid bosses, so don't expect it to shoot to the top of the DPS charts next week.

As it turns out, a much more sinister bug has also been dragging Eyes of Tomorrow down. Simply put, the cumulative pity timer that's meant to guarantee it after enough raid clears hasn't been counting properly. Instead of applying across your account, its bad luck protection has thus far been applied on a per-character basis, effectively reducing the pity gained by around two-thirds. 

"We mistakenly applied this protection to a system that only stores data on a per-character basis," Bungie clarified. "That resulted in each character having individual protection counts. That would be fine, but only the first character you ran the raid on each week would add to their protection count. Left unfixed, this would have made it take up to three times as long to see the benefits of bad luck protection for people raiding across different characters each week."

In other words, if you're one of the many players who's been unable to bag Eyes of Tomorrow even after dozens of raids, you're not crazy, nor are you just that unlucky. The drop rate really is bugged, so thank the Traveler it's being fixed. "After this fix the Exotic is guaranteed to drop in the next few months if you have been raiding each week," Bungie affirmed.

Speaking of fixes: Trials of Osiris is back after extended downtime caused by a matchmaking exploit. 

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