Destiny 2 Eyes of Tomorrow nerf was caused by a bug and will be fixed

Destiny 2 Eyes of Tomorrow
(Image credit: Bungie)

An unintentional Destiny 2 Eyes of Tomorrow nerf went out in the latest seasonal update, but Bungie says it's just a bug that will soon be fixed.

"Just confirmed that any damage reductions to Eyes of Tomorrow were definitely not intentional and the team is currently investigating it as a bug," community manager Cozmo said in a tweet.

This perceived nerf was especially controversial since the seasonal update buffed the pants off rocket launchers in general but balanced Exotic rocket launchers individually. The Twin-Tailed Fox, for instance, got a substantial boost to its damage, so players were devastated to see that Eyes of Tomorrow had somehow gotten weaker, especially after its past struggles. 

Eyes of Tomorrow is the raid Exotic for the Deep Stone Crypt, and while it's quite hard to get and generally highly coveted, it hasn't seen much usage in end-game activities due to its surprisingly low boss damage. Player testing suggested that the weapon's damage was capped against boss-type enemies, which severely limited its raid and Nightfall viability. Together with the then-dismal state of rocket launchers, this made the gun pretty underwhelming. So the bugged nerf in the latest seasonal update came as a death blow, totally relegating an otherwise cool raid Exotic. 

Fortunately, Eyes of Tomorrow will get the buff it deserves once Bungie squashes this bug. There's no telling how strong it will be afterward, but based on other Exotic rockets, it should at least be respectable, if not top-tier.

Speaking of necessary buffs: Destiny 2 finally buffed the exceedingly awful Aeon Exotics. 

Austin Wood

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